Who are we?

We are friendly people who know our stuff!

Ben: Design & Development

Hi I’m Ben. I’ve been designing and developing websites since I was in school (13 years ago, eek!). I’m different because I Iove everything to do with being creative, building things and getting results. I have a big passion for producing and playing music. #BeDifferent

Amy: Search & Social

Hi I’m Amy. I’ve had a love affair with social media since MySpace was the newest thing (showing my age?). I’m different because I know how to listen, understand and interpret a vision and translate it with branding and social media presence. Oh, and I’m a bit of a gossip 😉 #BeDifferent

Harry: Walks & Barking

Hi I’m Harry the dog. I specialise in barking at people who walk past the house, snoring loudly when people are on the phone and somehow finding a muddy puddle to dip my paws in, even when it’s not rained in days. I’m different because I’m the biggest cocker spaniel you’re likely to meet. #BeDifferent

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