Web Design – 5 tips to converting

Our Top 5 Website Conversion Tips!

Let’s face it, it’s great to have a beautiful website full of the latest features and gadgets, but if your website isn’t getting you business leads what’s the point? In this quick-read blog, we have come up with 5 fantastic tips on how to convert your website visitors into quality leads!


Get a Call to Action
What is a Call-to-Action? Well, quite simply it is an element on a web page that encourages a website visitor to take action. This could be clicking a button that links to a contact page, or filling a form in for some sort of incentive; perhaps a free download. Either way, the Call-to-Action is there to catch the attention of your website visitors and to direct them to complete that important action which converts them from a visitor to a lead!


Make it EASY for your visitors to get in touch
As with any sales situation, you must make it easy for your ‘prospect’ (or customer) to say ‘yes’ or decide to contact you. There are so many ways that your prospective customers to contact you in this day and age, you may as well take advantage of all of them; phone, email, mobile, social media, etc. Include your phone number and email address in your header, in a sidebar or on a banner on your website page. Add a link to your contact page with a contact form! Add icons that link to your social pages. How about adding a ‘Request a Call Back’ form/button too?


Install Google Analytics
This fantastic tool from Google not only gives you visitor statistics, real time reports and conversion analytics. You can also take a look at your ‘visitors flow’. This clever tool lets you see how long people spent on your website, which pages they visited (in chronological order) and (more importantly) the page they were on when they left your site. You can then analyse the problem page to see what might have caused them to leave!


Responsive Web Design
We all know the importance of mobiles and tablets when it comes to web design, yet too often we see websites looking terrible on an iPhone, iPad or other smart device. Get a good web designer who will optimise your website to look beautiful on ALL screen sizes and devices. You can’t afford to lose a huge chunk of traffic because of incompatibility issues, or having a non ‘mobile-first’ (as Google calls it) website.


Check & Test EVERYTHING often
Unbelievably, we regularly come across websites that have styling issues, coding errors and buttons that don’t work. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes but it helps to regularly check all of the pages on your website to ensure everything is working correctly.