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Just the thought of paying to promote a post on Facebook brings many people out in a cold sweat; after all, isn’t it hugely complicated with hundreds of options and the possibility of getting it very wrong? Isn’t it a waste of money with shoddy targeting and the potential to lose a lot of money?


As with many paid social media marketing options of course there is scope to mis-target, reaching completely the wrong audience, or to choose a post that doesn’t have the right content to convert into engagement. Read on to find out quick, easy and effective ways of boosting a Facebook post that converts.


Boost it!
That Boost post button is technically very easy to use; your post will be reviewed by Facebook and your content will reach more people. You can use it on any type of post, including video content and links to a website. The process takes you through a handful of screens, and this is where many people fail; the importance of taking time to consider the identity of your audience is crucial at this stage, otherwise you may as well throw a handful of business leaflets into a strong wind and hope they land on the right doorsteps.


WHO is your customer? Imagine them; imagine what other brands they enjoy, the activities they partake in, where they live. These are all areas you are able to fine-tune when you set your targets. Don’t be tempted to set it to reach a worldwide audience with vast interests with one boost; the effects will be so diluted that you’ll be unlikely to reach an audience that will convert.


Think about the ‘boost post’ options first
The best way to figure out what works is to set a few low-budget boosts, altering a variable on each; for example, Boost One may target with a red graphic, reaching men aged 20-35. Boost Two may use the same graphic but target a different age range. Boost Three may use a blue graphic, targeting the same audience as Boost One. Boost Four will use the same graphic as Boost Three, but target Boost Two’s audience. You with us still? Other variables include altering copy (don’t scrimp on this; spelling mistakes put off many potential customers), interests, location and gender.


The takeaway from this is: don’t alter more than one variable per boost. The outcome could be utter confusion when you discover that one post converts beautifully, but too many variables make it almost impossible to ascertain why!