Tis’ the Season to be Social!

Tis The Season To Be Social

Dare we say the C word…?

CHRISTMAS! It might feel like it’s still a way off, but as the first festive treats start creeping onto the shelves of our local stores it’s time to also start thinking about your Christmas social media strategies, giving your brand the reach and attention it deserves. Read on for some guidance!


Be the early bird!

People are desperate to grab onto some feel-good festive vibes, so tap into that need. Last-minute Christmas is no longer a thing, so if you’re a shop or provide services that people need to book, start pushing them as soon as you can.


Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Having a bank of images to schedule into your channels at a moment’s notice is the key to a smooth-running social media account. Start work on your Christmas themes as soon as you can – there are many great software packages that allow you to make templates and download images. Some even let you schedule from within, making it even easier to plan in advance.


Dress to kill

Many people will choose to shop from home rather than heading out to bricks and mortar shops, so see your social media channels as your shopfront. Make it beautiful and inviting. Scrolling past your feed is the equivalent of looking at your shop and walking on by – nobody wants that; add some warm festive cheer to your Stories, colour-theme your grid posts and tweets to add some merry brand awareness, write the copy and schedule in. We defy you not to feel prematurely festive after these merry tasks.


Please don’t go

It is tempting to log off for a week or two over Christmas, but sadly this is usually impossible unless you have hired someone to keep an eye on your channels in your absence. By all means, set up automated replies on your channels to allow a little breathing space, but to keep customer trust and loyalty, you will need to log in every couple of days to answer any outstanding queries – possibly more frequently if your business invites a large number of messages.


Be the conversation

Get people talking about Christmas! Be the first to mention it when interacting with other accounts, giving them all the warm feels when they think about your business. Search for festive hashtags and get involved in the associated conversations – you never know where your next client or customer is hiding.


Christmas cheer

Get their cups overflowing with festive cheer by running a competition or giveaway; both great ways to get your brand seen and your follower count rising. Just make sure you double-check the finish date; nobody wants to be running a live draw on Boxing Day.


So, let’s crack open the eggnog and begin!