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Do I need Social Media?

Nowadays social media is a huge and essential marketing tool for many businesses. Social media connects everyone in many ways and provides the ability for businesses to reach out to huge target audiences with their products and services.

Because of the power of social media, it isn’t recommended that your business ignores social media, but instead embraces it for all it can offer to you. Social media acts as a great (and free) way to interact with your customers in a more casual, less formal manner.

Couldn’t I just do this myself?

You could, however the problem with many businesses (whether it’s a new business or a more established one) is the consistency of posts, and the quality of the post content too. What starts out as good intentions with regular daily posts becomes patchy and eventually posts are non-existent, and the accounts become dormant. It’s also knowing how to get the most out of social media to the benefit of your business too, which many business owners struggle with.

What platforms do you manage?

Our social media management covers all platforms, but we tend to find that most businesses use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We establish and build your Social Media presence and then maintain it, helping you to grow your following. We keep your followers engaged each month with interesting, engaging regular daily posts that are focused on your business, local news, industry news and much more.

Do you plan and manage sponsored ad campaigns too?

We do! Once we have a clear understanding of your business, your Social Media goals and what you want to achieve from your sponsored ad campaigns, we get to work planning the content and imagery that is to be used on your ads as well as the targeting, including demographics, audience types, interests and much more.

Follow the progression!

We also provide you with monthly reports, showing you the progression which includes easy to understand details like the new followers you have, the most engaging posts each month, re-tweets, comments and other useful information too.

What does it cost?

The management of your Social Media profiles is planned around your maximum monthly budget. Talk to us about the options, and let us get your customers engaging with you socially across all of your Social Media platforms!

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