Reel to reel – TikTok vs. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok

There’s a new kid on the block, and he’s not called TikTok…

Just as we were all getting used to the contentious video sharing platform, Instagram developed FOMO and introduced us to Reels; at first glance, a very similar platform to TikTok. So, what IS Reels, and why should your brand choose it over TikTok?


If your business already uses IGTV, which is Instagram’s long-form video service, Reels is a natural next step for showcasing short-form pieces. Videos, up to 15 seconds long, can be shared on your feed. Make use of stickers, countdowns, trending GIFs, location tags, trending audio and filters to enhance your content before posting; all tricks which will maximise your visibility.


Instead of only seeing content from users you follow, Reels is using an Explore tab to share business users’ Reels, making them publicly available. This gives your Reels the potential to reach an astronomically huge audience of potential customers (and with Instagram having over one billion users, can you really afford not to?).


Other benefits include the ability to share other users’ Reels, including their audio, so the feature is a great way to enhance relationships and connect with potential collaborators for brand awareness purposes. Using hashtags and popular audio will add to your reach, as these are searchable within the Instagram app, but remember, you only have fifteen seconds to work with, so make it count – allow your and your brand’s personalities to shine through (as with all your content); Reels users are loving quirky content set to music.


If you’re stuck for content, explore other brand’s Reels – there’s a huge variety of incredible videos out there, you can never fail to find something that will inspire. For extra kudos, you can speed up and slow down your videos, just perfect for showcasing product manufacturing processes (and, of course, lip-syncing. Who DOESN’T love lip-syncing?).


At first glance, Reels may seem like it’s just the domain of teenagers, but it truly does have the potential to help grow your business and add to your brand’s visibility. It’s time to get Reeling!