What should I include on my letterhead?

What Should I Include On My Letterhead?

One question we get asked frequently is what sort of information should be included on a letterhead. Whilst this is down to personal choice in part, it’s also worth pointing out that overloading the letterhead with too much information can distract the person reading it.


Simplicity is key
Remember the letterhead is the identity of the document, not the content itself.


The letterhead needs to reflect the company’s branding including the logo, fonts and colour scheme.


Include the right details
The most important goal of the letterhead is to tell the viewer who it’s from. But you may also want to consider including your Social and website addresses, telephone number (extension if necessary) and email details. Remember it may be a legal requirement to display your identification number, for example if you are designing for a Charity.


Design for bad printers
The design may look incredible when printed professionally, but it may look awful being printed out of a budget one. Simple designs are best for avoiding this issue.


Don’t overdo it on colour
You don’t need to include the spectrum, and using too many colours may draw attention away from the letter content. This rule tends to apply in other areas of design too.


Include accreditation logosĀ and qualifications
If you have professional qualifications or belong to organisations, include these along the bottom of the letterhead.


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