Keep pinning with Pinterest!

Pin To Win At Pinterest!

Keep Your Pin Up

Pinterest used to be the home for pinning things you love but were perhaps out of your reach – a hub of aspirations and things-we-love-but-can-never-buy. However, as is expected with the evolving world of social media, it has shifted and has become a valuable addition to a small business’s social media portfolio. Read on for some Pinterest tips for small businesses.


We mean business

Make sure your account is set to ‘business’ – this gives you access to valuable analytics,  showing insights such as how many unique visitors are seeing your pins and how engaged they are, as well as giving you the option to promote pins.


It’s only words…

 … so make them count – ensure your descriptions are on point, and mention not only the item specifics, but also the style they fit. For example, a white shelving unit may be of interest to someone searching for contemporary furniture, so add that phrase to your description. For a little guidance, it is worth checking out items similar to the ones you sell and have a look at descriptions for inspiration.


Faces in places

Customers want to see people enjoying products, not just boring images of products sitting on shelves or in boxes. Add an aspirational element by using images with happy people using your products, hinting at a desirable lifestyle.


Mix it up

Add complementary pins from other companies or people to your boards. Not only does this demonstrate the lifestyle in which your item will fit, but also makes your boards look less spammy and more inviting.


Think link

There’s no point pinning a wonderful product if the customer has to work hard trying to figure out how to buy it. Make sure that you add a link to the pin, making the process simple and hassle-free for your customer.


Let’s go pin!