Is your LinkedIn profile working for you?

Get LinkedIn Working For You

The Strongest Link

Whatever your opinion is of LinkedIn (it has a reputation for being, dare we say, a little staid and boring), it has a definite place in the marketing of your business. It’s the best platform on which to position yourself as an expert in your field, and to share thought-provoking and conversation-starting research and articles related to your field of work. It is the perfect place to connect with work colleagues, old and new, growing a valuable network that works hard for your business.

Here are some pointers to get you started.


Keywords are key

LinkedIn is basically an evolving CV; when you view it as such, you’ll soon see the importance of keeping it up-to-date and filled out correctly. Don’t leave gaps in your employment history (they ring alarm bells to potential connections), and make sure your title is one that people would search for if wanting to hire someone in your industry. On a similar note, ensure your summary, history, job title and work history contain keywords; these make it easier for people to find you.


Look at me!

It is important to have a photo on your LinkedIn profile – people need to have an image of who they are connecting with. Choosing a photo that screams both approachability and business guru is quite a tough balance to get – but a friendly smiling head-shot ticks all the boxes. Make sure any images you upload are sized correctly for LinkedIn to avoid cutting off the top of your head!


Consistency is key

Post regularly – work out how many times a week you are able to post and make sure you do this every week, without fail. There is scheduling software that can do this for you if you feel like having the week off or are unable to for any reason. Algorithms love predictability. Make sure your content is personal to your business – don’t just share articles and content without adding your own comment to it or asking questions about it. This is a great way of getting engagement.


Pleased to meet you

When sending connection requests, be fussy. 1,000 irrelevant connections are worth way less than 100 strong industry relevant connections. If you send a request, make sure you personalise it to avoid looking spammy. Explain why you want to connect and what you can offer each other.


Let’s get linking!