How to strategically market yourself on LinkedIn

How to market yourself on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn platform, with its massive user base of professionals, can be an effective way to advertise your business or service to new clients. But if you’re new to the network, it can seem intimidating, and you might not know how to best promote yourself on LinkedIn. The key to getting the most out of the platform is knowing how to strategically market yourself.


Optimise your profile

Before you even consider sharing your content, be sure to optimise your profile with your best professional photos and a solid headline that explains who you are and what you do. Additionally, make sure that you’ve completed all sections of your profile (work experience, volunteer experience, education, and certifications, etc.) as well as included at least one quality recommendation from a trusted source.


Participate in groups

Participating in relevant LinkedIn groups lets you contribute your knowledge to like-minded people. If you become an active contributor in these groups, other people may reach out if they need services like yours. Ensure you keep your posts relevant to the group, and avoid spamming with services.


Connect with people in their niches

It’s not enough to simply sign up for a LinkedIn account and list your work history. Your profile is where you can really differentiate yourself, so pay close attention to it. Try posting a creative cover image—using an original photo of you doing your job, for example—and customise your headline with keywords that clients are likely to search for.


Post a great profile picture

A big part of what makes your profile noticeable is your profile image. Humans react to faces, so be sure to use a photo of yourself. Make sure it’s a professionally taken photo and you are wearing work attire.


Comment on industry articles

Aside from networking, another great way to attract new clients is through your writing. Commenting on industry articles with insightful questions and answers can help establish you as an authority within your niche.