How to define your core business values

Define Your Business Core Values

This month we’ve been thinking about Core Business Values. Much like mission statements, setting values for your company is an important way to keep both you and your staff focused on who you are and what you are trying to achieve.


As your business grows, everyone that works within it needs to follow a set of ‘rules’ which should affect the way they behave with other employees and with your customers. But how do you decide upon a set of values for your business? Here’s what we have found to be helpful:

Involve everyone
Anyone that is an influence within your company such as managers, directors, partners etc should be involved in the process of setting company values.

Patience is a virtue
Keeping to a set of values should be more important than turnover, cash flow and profits. It’s who you are and what difference you are trying to make. Your customers should buy into your values.

Hire and fire
Everyone who works for you should know, understand and believe in your values. And if not, they really shouldn’t be working for your company.

Tell everyone
Once you have defined your company values, spread the word! You should communicate these values in everything that you do both internally and externally, and every time you speak to your customers.

You might already be regularly reviewing your company’s actions, achievements and failures, but now you should put these up against your values. Has the company been acting on behalf of these values?


Defining your business values is not something that can be quickly jotted down in 5 minutes. It takes time to think about, talk about and decide on the key rules of your company. Ask your employees for feedback, do they believe in the same ideas? Once you have these values set, you should start to notice and change in everything you do. Your employees should feel proud to work for your company because of it’s values.