How to be super organised

How To Be Super Organised

When running a business, one of the key factors to success is to be super organised, whether that be the delivery of the service, book-keeping, time management or just about anything else in-between. Over the years we have learnt a thing or two about being organised, and we have chosen our top 5 tips on how to keep on top of things – and organised!


Use your time effectively
Realise that there are only 24 hours in a day, 8 or 9 of which are for working. If you exceed this amount you run the risk of burning the candle at both ends which will ultimately see a dip in the standard of the work you are completing. Better to stop at a reasonable time and continue with the task in hand the following morning after rest and sleep.


Set Goals
Set daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals which you can tick off when you have completed, allowing you to see how on-target you are with things.


Sort your workload into an order of importance. Decide which tasks need to be completed more urgently as priority compared to those that could take a bit longer. Once you have your list, make sure you stick to the order.


Try not to multi-task
Once you have set your goals and made a to-do list to prioritise the order in which tasks need to be completed, always try to complete everything in the order you have set. In the long run it causes more stress and ends up taking more time to complete if you do half of one task, begin something new and then keep jumping back-and-forth between the two. It is always best to focus your mind on the task in hand and get that finished before moving on to the next thing.


Manage expectations
When working with multiple customers, always give realistic timescales and manage expectations. There is nothing worse than having customers that haven’t been managed properly coming up with unrealistic requests. Communication is key.