Are you twittering? How to fly-high on Twitter!

Fly High With Twitter


Many people nurture a love/hate relationship with Twitter; it is easy to jump into conversations with people you want to connect with but can become a time-consuming exercise – it’s a fast-moving platform and requires a regular and frequent schedule of tweets to maximise visibility.


Twitter is a wonderful place to connect with other business owners, with its casual tone and character limit making posts less labour-intensive than with other platforms. And did you know that approximately 6,000 tweets are sent per second? It’s well-worth getting on that Twitter roller coaster! Here are some tips to get the most out of this thriving platform.


Strategy, strategy, strategy

It’s easy to overlook strategy when using a casual platform like Twitter with its conversational lean. However, if you don’t have a strategy, you’ll quickly become muddled. Make sure you mirror the strategy you’ve implemented for your other platforms, repackaging it to fit in with Twitter style.


In it to win it

Check out your competition! The more successful, the better. Identify any gaps or weaknesses in their strategy and implement them in yours. Be bigger and better than your rivals!


Face facts

Your brand has a face, make sure it’s the right one. Don’t be tempted to use a different logo or off-brand header – you need to be instantly recognisable as your business. Ensure your bio has strong copy and a CTA, and that you provide links to your website.


Be true to yourself

Use your brand’s tone of voice to interact with your followers. If you have more than one person managing the account, provide guidelines to ensure consistency.


You can’t buy love

Tempting as it may be to have thousands of followers, nothing beats hard work. It’ll take time to build relationships with people, but these are the relationships that last, not the ones that you’ve bought from a link in a spammy email.


Help your business fly high by sticking to these guidelines!