Do I need a customer relationship management system?

Do I Need A CRM System?

Every business understands the importance of their customers, but what is more important than customers? Yes that’s right, happy customers.


It’s common knowledge that keeping a customer happy results in repeat business, and it’s easier up-selling to current customers as opposed to new prospects. What about unhappy customers? We read this quote recently; “news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.” But what is a CRM system? And how can it help?


What is a CRM system?
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Simply put, it’s a system which you can use to store data about your customers, input leads, track sales and improve on your processes. Depending on your membership, you can add team members and assign tasks to them.


Do I need a CRM?
Not every business needs a CRM system, but in general we would recommend getting one if your business:


  • Has a sales team – A CRM system makes things really easy for Sales team management. You can assign leads to your team members and track progress. Now you know who is performing and who needs some encouragement or further training!
  • Receives a large amount of leads – Or at least, more than you can remember. Using a CRM system will enable you to post leads and track the sales process effortlessly.
  • Has a long sales process – It’s easy to get mixed up or lose track of where a specific prospect/lead is within your sales process without a CRM system. With such a system, you can view each stage, get performance reports and improve upon it as you go.


Of course, these are just some of the benefits of using a CRM for your business, there are many more. Most CRM systems have a free trial period available, it’s well worth trying out! We hope you’ve found this quick-read blog helpful!