Common social media mistakes – and how to avoid them!

Social Media Mistakes - And How To Avoid Them

When we think of social media mistakes, we tend to recall the heart-stopping moment of realisation that a post has gone out with an embarrassing typo or the wrong image or link attached. But social media mistakes can be much more subtle than this, and far more damaging to your business over the long-term. Read on to find out more.


Quality over quantity

Anyone can post badly thought-out posts multiple times a day, but that isn’t going to send your sales into the stratosphere, is it? Consistent, high-quality posts trump regular poor-quality posts every time.



Posting exactly the same content on each platform is never going to work as they are set up so differently. Missing images, badly cropped graphics and irrelevant hashtags are just a few of the issues you can run into if you don’t consider each platform on its own merits. That’s not to say the content can’t be the same; there’s value in consistency, but do make sure the post is optimised for each platform’s algorithm.


Sharing is caring

It may seem counterproductive to send traffic to someone else’s website, but it works. If you post only your own content on a social media channel, it can quickly feel a bit spammy. By adding in third party content, you are increasing awareness and reach, as well as adding variety into your timeline.


Video killed the radio star

Video is where it’s at and has been for some time. Video is undoubtedly more engaging, resulting in more shares and interactions. It may be a little more time-consuming to post a video rather than a static post, but the time investment will pay off.


On target

Take time to get to know your audience and your engagement will go through the roof. Have a look at your posts over the past six months, making a note of which received the highest engagement. These are the posts your audience enjoy, so give them more!


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