Timing Is Everything

Too little, too late..?

So, when should I post to get maximum engagement? Unless you’re a celebrity or influencer, your social media audience is unlikely to be sitting waiting for your next post, wringing their hands in anticipation, but does this mean that it doesn’t matter when you post, or...

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Has Twitter Peaked?

Has Twitter had its day?

Back in 2006, Twitter was a mere fledgling of an idea; a notion that friends could keep up to date on each other’s happenings via a stream of status updates; an alternative to texting. As the idea of twttr (its original name) evolved, so did...

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Boost & Promote Facebook Posts

We like to boost it!

Facebook sponsored ads Just the thought of paying to promote a post on Facebook brings many people out in a cold sweat; after all, isn’t it hugely complicated with hundreds of options and the possibility of getting it very wrong? Isn’t it a waste of money...

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Let Us Tell You An Instagram Story

Let us tell you a story …

... An Instagram Story! Instagram Stories. They’re easy to ignore; those little time-bombs of information. It’s tempting to undervalue the power of something that doesn’t stick around for very long, but in doing so, you may well be ignoring a feature that could lead to a...

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Fly High With Twitter

Are you twittering? How to fly-high on Twitter!

Birdsong Many people nurture a love/hate relationship with Twitter; it is easy to jump into conversations with people you want to connect with but can become a time-consuming exercise – it’s a fast-moving platform and requires a regular and frequent schedule of tweets to maximise visibility.   Twitter...

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Get LinkedIn Working For You

Is your LinkedIn profile working for you?

The Strongest Link Whatever your opinion is of LinkedIn (it has a reputation for being, dare we say, a little staid and boring), it has a definite place in the marketing of your business. It’s the best platform on which to position yourself as an expert...

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