5 Important SEO Metrics To Monitor

Are you monitoring these 5 important Metrics?

SEO and online growth can be overwhelming. There are so many moving parts that it can be hard to keep track of everything. However, by carefully monitoring a few important metrics, you can simplify your processes and yield better results. In this blog post, we list five important SEO metrics that you must be monitoring for sustainable success. 1. Top exit pages for organic traffic Sometimes, having your web pages ranked on Google’s 1st page isn’t enough. What if...

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5 Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook advertising? Here’s 5 handy tips

Here at Hatchit, we believe there is no 'one size fits all' for marketing businesses online. After all, not all of your customers are searching for your services in the same place. It could be that Search Engine Optimisation is the most effective strategy for your business, or perhaps the more traditional business card or leaflet suits you best. Maybe advertising on social media gets you the most clicks. If you are thinking of experimenting with advertising on...

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We Love Bromley

5 reasons we love Bromley

Hatchit Design was founded in Bromley, and our offices are located in the Bromley Borough too. For those who have not been to this neck of the woods (and it is quite leafy here) here's 5 reasons why we love Bromley: Shopping It was born as the 'Glades', opening in 1991, then brought out years later and re-branded to 'intu' but more recently brought back again and re-branded back to the 'Glades' - (that's a lot of...

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5 Steps To Improve Website Conversion Rates

5 Steps to improve conversion on your website

These days, a lovely new website just isn't enough to entice a visitor into action. Whether that action is signing up for your newsletter, buying a product directly on your website or filling out an enquiry form, it needs to be obvious what the action is and easy to complete. We've been in the website design business for years and we've put together 5 steps you definitely should be taking if you're serious about your online audience: Decide what your goals...

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Do I Need A CRM System?

Do I need a customer relationship management system?

Every business understands the importance of their customers, but what is more important than customers? Yes that's right, happy customers. It's common knowledge that keeping a customer happy results in repeat business, and it's easier up-selling to current customers as opposed to new prospects. What about unhappy customers? We read this quote recently; "news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience." But what is a...

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Get More Website Traffic

5 fantastic ways to get more visitors to your website

In these modern times everyone understands how powerful the web is as a platform to sell products and services. A website is like an online shop window for a business, and every shop relies on footfall. The more people that enter your shop, the more you will sell. So how do you drive more visitors to your website? Well, we've put together 5 fast tips for doing just that: Social Media marketing Most of the world is connected through...

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5 Tips for Branding Your Business

5 tips for branding your business

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business. It helps build trust with your audience and enables your company to stand out from the competition. It creates a feeling or provokes an emotion in your customers which can help to convert them into a lifetime, loyal customer. But where do you start with it all? What is involved in the process? We've put forward 5 tips to get you started with the basics. Define your brand It's...

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Define Your Business Core Values

How to define your core business values

This month we've been thinking about Core Business Values. Much like mission statements, setting values for your company is an important way to keep both you and your staff focused on who you are and what you are trying to achieve. As your business grows, everyone that works within it needs to follow a set of 'rules' which should affect the way they behave with other employees and with your customers. But how do you decide upon a...

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5 Top Tips When Redesigning Your Website Or Building A New One!

Redesigning your website? Read these 5 tips first!

Thinking about a website redesign? Don't even think about starting without reading our 5 (and one bonus) tips to help you! What's the point? Before setting 'pen to paper' ask yourself these questions; why do I want to redesign my website? What am I hoping to change? What are the goals for this project? Making a list of your motivations for the redesign is so important for two reasons: It helps you keep focus on why you're...

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5 Ways To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

5 quick tips for optimising your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is arguably the most popular social network for businesses, perhaps mostly because of it's networking and lead generation abilities. It's also a firm favourite with job hunters because of it's fantastic job search feature. But with over 433 million users, how can you stand out from the crowd? We've listed 5 quick-fire tips to help you get ahead with your profile. Decide on your goal Like any task, you need to decide what your goal is...

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