Creating Content That Drives Sales

5 tips for creating content that drives sales

Content is king. No blog can consistently drive organic traffic without high-quality, fresh content. However, website content that doesn’t drive sales and help convert visitors into paying customers isn’t very beneficial. Producing high-quality content on a regular basis requires a lot of money, time, and effort. That’s why you should always focus on creating web content that has the potential to drive sales — while still being engaging, informative, and useful for your target audience. Here are...

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Use Customer Segmentation For Online Marketing

How to use customer segmentation for effective online marketing

Properly and precisely targeting potential customers is one of the key components of online marketing. By customising your offer for the right people and show it at the right time with the right messaging can dramatically improve the results of your marketing campaigns. However, all of that is only possible when you truly understand who your customers are and what they want. Second, only understanding your customers won’t be enough — because not all prospects will...

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Lower Your Bounce Rate

How does bounce rate impact search rankings?

Bounce rate is one of the most overlooked search engine ranking factors. It may not have a direct impact on your website’s search engine ranking positions, but it does play its part. A high bounce rate represents factors and underlying issues that do have a negative impact on your website’s potential to rank. In this blog post, we will discuss what bounce rate is, how bounce rate impacts search engine rankings, and what you can do to...

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How To Be Super Organised

How to be super organised

When running a business, one of the key factors to success is to be super organised, whether that be the delivery of the service, book-keeping, time management or just about anything else in-between. Over the years we have learnt a thing or two about being organised, and we have chosen our top 5 tips on how to keep on top of things - and organised! Use your time effectively Realise that there are only 24 hours in...

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Our Top 5 Website Conversion Tips!

Web Design – 5 tips to converting

Let's face it, it's great to have a beautiful website full of the latest features and gadgets, but if your website isn't getting you business leads what's the point? In this quick-read blog, we have come up with 5 fantastic tips on how to convert your website visitors into quality leads! Get a Call to Action What is a Call-to-Action? Well, quite simply it is an element on a web page that encourages a website visitor to...

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Restuarant and Pub Web Design

Top tips for restaurant and pub web design

Is your restaurant or pub in need of a gorgeous, stylish new website? It is all too common to feel like your site is stuck in the dark ages, and in need of a revamp to bring your online presence up to scratch. Below we have outlined some hints and tips for restaurant and pub web design to help you to get the most from your website: Start thinking like your audience The best place to start when thinking of...

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How to research your audience when creating an SEO strategy

How to research your audience for an SEO strategy

While SEO is often about keyword research, backlinks, website loading speed, and other similar factors, it all boils down to how well you understand your readers. Unless you understand who your audience is and what they want, you cannot provide them with the right content. After all, that content has to be engaging, interesting, and useful. Without knowing the problems and the people who are facing them, you cannot provide the right answers. To help you better...

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Responsive Web Design Top Tips

5 tips for responsive web design

These days, a website designer can't ignore the fact that websites aren't just being viewed on laptops and desktop computers, even Google has made it a necessity for all websites to be built 'mobile-first'.Every man and his wife either has a Smart Phone, a Tablet device or another gadget that lets them browse the internet on-the-go or away from a standard desktop computer. This is great for the user, but it does make designing a...

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Having A Website Built? Here Are 3 Things You Need To Consider

What to consider when having a website built

When you first decide to get a website made for your business or project, there are a few points you should take into consideration before taking the first step. Good planning and having a well outlined goal will massively help you in the long run. Why do you want/need a website? Have a good understanding of why you need your website. Write down a list of the reasons and keep this handy during the production stages so...

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5 content marketing trends for 2019

5 content marketing trends for 2019 (and what to do about them)

The effectiveness of any SEO strategy largely depends on the website’s content. That’s why a content marketing strategy often needs to be revisited and optimised accordingly. As we head towards spring of 2019, this is as good a time as any to revisit your content marketing strategy, identify top trends that may dominate 2019, and optimise your content plan for maximum success. In this blog post, we list 5 content marketing trends that may play a...

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