Be on top of your Instagram game!

How To Use Instagram Effectively

It can be daunting, scrolling through Instagram. Everywhere you look there’s an influencer, or someone with a stunning grid and 250K followers. How do you reach the people you need to reach? And how do you get them to your website?


It’s all about the bio

Your bio is the only place on Instagram that you are able to share a clickable link (other than on IGTV, and if you’re just setting up this may be quite a confusing revelation), so make it count! You can change your link as often as you like, so if you have a campaign running, use it to direct people rather than expecting them to navigate your site. The text in your bio should be concise and on-brand, explaining who you are and what you do in a tone of voice that will appeal to your target audience.



Speaking of your target audience, they’re quite easy to find by using the ever-powerful hashtag. Yes, that’s right; that little crosshatch beauty is your key to ongoing success on Instagram, reaching places you didn’t know existed. Search something you know they like, and you’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of other related hashtags; for example, if you are selling retro t-shirts, a quick search for #retroclothing throws up related hashtags #70sfashion, #retrovintage and #vintagestyle.


It’s not what you know…

… it’s WHO you know. Finding influencers in your field is invaluable and, for the cost of a freebie, they may promote your product/service on their grid or story, resulting in increased exposure and interaction.


Colour me good

Your brand probably already has a beautiful colour palette and font, and carrying it over to Instagram makes you easily recognisable. You can even use borders in brand colours to add an extra styling and branding element.


We mean business

Lastly, but definitely not least, make sure you change your account from Personal to Business; this way you get access to Insights and can target your potential customers even more precisely.