Facebook advertising? Here’s 5 handy tips

5 Facebook Advertising Tips

Here at Hatchit, we believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ for marketing businesses online. After all, not all of your customers are searching for your services in the same place. It could be that Search Engine Optimisation is the most effective strategy for your business, or perhaps the more traditional business card or leaflet suits you best. Maybe advertising on social media gets you the most clicks.


If you are thinking of experimenting with advertising on Facebook, here are 5 handy tips to get you started:


Plan your goals and budget
Before starting, you need to determine what your goals are for the advert and how much you are willing to spend to achieve them. With regards to budget, be realistic – if you only plan to spend £10 on a weeks worth of advertising, don’t be surprised when you get to the end of your sponsored Ad campaign and realise you have gained next to nothing from it.


Direct visitors to a specific landing page
It’s most likely your advert will have some sort of hook or message to entice viewers to click and find out more about your offerings. For this reason, the best way to really convert a visitor to leaving their details or getting in touch with you is to have a landing page specifically designed for the hook or message. For example, if you are offering a download voucher for 20% off your product or service, after clicking on the advert your visitors should land on a page where they can fill out a form to download the voucher, and all this can be tracked too by using what’s called a Facebook pixel or via Google Analytics.


Use a video
Video is a fantastic way of engaging your prospective customers and communicating your message in a short space of time. Nowadays, people feel they don’t have time to read paragraphs of text so a video is a great alternative.


Use quality imagery
Nothing sends out a more negative signal than using bad quality, blurry images on an advert. Currently, Facebook lets you choose from a range of free, high quality stock images when creating an ad; so there really isn’t any excuse for the use of bad quality images!


Publish variations of your advert
It’s a good idea to create a few variations of your advert with different images, headlines, buttons and text combinations to test with to see which adverts perform the best, and which don’t.


We hope our 5 tips give you a few good ideas to get started. As with any pay-per-click advertising, it can take some experimenting and fine tuning before you start to see consistent results. Write down your goals and budget before you get started, and review your results at the end of your campaign.


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