5 fantastic ways to get more visitors to your website

Get More Website Traffic

In these modern times everyone understands how powerful the web is as a platform to sell products and services.


A website is like an online shop window for a business, and every shop relies on footfall. The more people that enter your shop, the more you will sell. So how do you drive more visitors to your website? Well, we’ve put together 5 fast tips for doing just that:


Social Media marketing
Most of the world is connected through social media, and it’s fast becoming an important marketplace for businesses to advertise and build their online presence. A social media page can be a good way to continuously connect with your customers more informally, tell them about your latest offers or offer incentives for sharing your page. And what does it cost? Only your time.


Responsive websites are a must!
A long time has passed since Google announced they were going to penalise websites that are not mobile-friendly by dropping their ranking position in search results pages, and yet it still amazes us at just how many websites we come across that are not responsive (mobile-friendly). If your website is mobile-friendly, you’ll be placed higher up in keyword search rankings than your competitors who’s websites are not. But it’s also about user experience. Have you ever browsed a website on your mobile that you need to continuously use your fingers to zoom in and out to read the content? This seriously puts visitors off browsing your site.


Create valuable content
It’s common knowledge that building strong back-links can help your ranked positions in Google, but asking for such links can be time consuming (and boring). Why not create amazing content that other websites would want to link to without you having to ask them? Create content that is useful, valuable or relevant; and if your content goes viral? Well, you won’t be worrying about traffic for a while!


Optimise your website
It may sound complicated but there are one or two quick ways to make your website Google-friendly:


a) Start by writing some Meta tags for each of your pages, these should be based on your keywords, location or services e.g. “Plumber London”.

b) Make sure you are publishing regular content which is relevant to your industry

c) Ensure all your images have ‘alt’ tags which again, are based on your keywords e.g.” Plumber In London Holding Spanner”. You can find many more tips doing a quick search online.


Consider a Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Whilst this is a monthly cost, hiring a professional to optimise your website (part of SEO) and create an ongoing strategy will make sure your website gets footfall and generates enquiries.


There you have it, 5 ways to get more visitors to your website. We hope you’ve found this article helpful, and please do get in touch if you would like to talk about how we can help get more traffic to your site.