5 excellent ideas for re-purposing existing content

Re-Purpose Your Existing Content

Creating high-quality content is no easy task. It requires a lot of time and effort.


The trick that many content marketers and online marketing experts miss is that they only use their content once. For example, if it is a blog post, they will publish that piece — which may have taken them 2+ hours to create — once on their blog, and be done with it. That blog post may get shared a few times on different social media channels, but that’s it. Then they move on to the next piece, and the cycle continues. If you follow this strategy, you are not fully utilising each piece of content you create. Sometimes, a change of medium can change how much traffic and leads a piece of content generates. That’s where re-purposing comes in.


The idea behind re-purposing is to use the small piece of content multiple times by re-purposing it for a different medium. In this blog post, we are sharing 5 excellent ideas for re-purposing your existing content.


1. Re-purpose testimonials into case studies

Although it may require some additional content, it is relatively easy to convert testimonials into full-fledged case studies. Case studies are excellent marketing resources that give you the chance to showcase things from your current (happy) customers’ perspective. Well-crafted case studies demonstrate how your product or service has helped another person or business. This persuades other similar people who may be facing similar problems to try your product.


2. Re-purpose statistics into infographics

Infographics are great. According to a study, an infographic is 30x more likely to be read than a text-based article. Also, people love to share infographics on social media which gives them a better choice of going viral. According to a study, infographics get the most social shares among all other types of content. Compared to how-to posts (a common type of web content), infographics generate 2.3x more social shares. Collect all the relevant statistics that you already have collected and/or used in your blog posts and turn them into infographics. It’s by far one of the easiest and most efficient ways of re-purposing your existing content.


3. Re-purpose statistics into Tweets

While turning statistics into infographics is an excellent idea, you can also turn those numbers into Tweets. Infographics can take a bit of time to create. Therefore, in the meanwhile, you can start tweeting important statistics. You can also share relevant statistics as a caption and then link to your new infographic for readers interested in more stats.


4. Re-purpose blog posts into videos and vice versa

Just like infographics, people love videos. If you can re-purpose some of your popular blog posts into videos, it may open new doors of opportunities, traffic, and potential leads. As you know, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, and not every marketer fully utilises it. By re-purposing popular blog posts into videos, you can start generating traffic and leads from YouTube. Apart from fresh traffic, high-quality videos may also help you become an authority in your niche. Similarly, you can also turn your videos into blog posts and get ranked in the SERPs among other text content. Start by simply transcribing the video and adding more relevant content and up-to-date information. Re-purposing video content into text content is relatively easier.


5. Re-purpose popular blog posts into roundup posts

If you are constantly publishing high-quality blog posts, it would be a great idea to re-purpose your most popular posts into a roundup post. You can do a roundup post at the end of every year, e.g., most popular blog posts of 2018.


Re-purposing popular blog posts into roundup posts offers two benefits:

  1. It brings traffic to older blog posts that may have been buried in the archives.
  2. It gives your readers — and especially new website visitors — a quick rundown of some of your best content and give them a place to get started.



Re-purposing content does not take a lot of time or efforts. However, it does have the potential to produce some amazing results, including opening up new traffic sources and generating new leads. In this competitive online marketing landscape, re-purposing content is something that every content marketer must try.