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Freelance Web Designer, quite simply is someone who designs and develops websites for private clients and companies on a self-employed basis. Generally, there is no qualification required to become a Freelance Web Designer so these creatures come in all shapes and sizes!

How much does Web Design cost?

The cost of web design largely depends on the requirements of the project. Searching the web you may find prices that range from as little as £100 to a giant £20,000. Whilst web design agencies can sometimes charge more for the service, to cover overheads such as office rent, a better deal may be found with a freelance web designer who may work from home or have lower costs.

How do I find a Freelance Web Designer?

A web designer can be found by using search engines, classified ad websites, in the local paper or even a print shop. Probably the best way you can find a website designer is by asking your friends. A recommendation is a fantastic way to find a good quality service. Be sure to check their online portfolio and ask about experience. The designer may be fantastic, but can he/she build exactly what you need?

What is the process of a Web Design project?

The web design process can differ depending on the designer, but in general a web design project in split into 4 stages; Planning & Consultation, Design, Develop, Testing & Launch.

I hope from the information provided above helped you find out more about Freelance Web Designers. If you need a web designer in London you can contact me directly at contact@hatchitdesign.com and once I have received your enquiry I will reply to you.

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