Website Design for Schools

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As a Freelance Web Designer Kent based, I design websites for a range of different sized companies in various industries. I simply love designing for all sorts of businesses, it keeps the job challenging and interesting!

I’m often asked if I offer website design for schools, and the answer is undoubtedly  yes! But what makes a great education website?

  • Easy navigation Depending on the education level, the school website will most likely be accessed by people of all ages, from young to old! For this reason the navigation needs to be obvious and easy. People need to be able to find out the information they are looking for quickly.
  • Fun but professional Again, I find the design and imagery depends on the school level. I would think about including illustrations for a lower level school, but for a college or high school I’d focus on imagery of the student age group. A colourful website may work for a Nursery but a more simple colour scheme is best for a higher level school.
  • Simple to maintain Schools are busy places, and not everyone has the time to spend hours learning a complicated content management system. An easy backend for the website is a must for allowing the school staff to edit and update quickly.

If you are in need of a freelance web designer for your nursery, school, college or university please get in touch on or call 0208 466 8160. I would be delighted to hear about your project.