Web Design for Accountants

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The do’s and dont’s of Web Design for Accountants

  1. Services Page A prospective client landing on your website will want to be able to easily find what services your accountancy firm offer. Make your services page simple to find and well laid out. An over complicated page with lots of waffle will more than likely bore them and put them off using your company.
  2. Staff Somewhere on your site show a picture and a short biography of each and every member of your team, from your admin staff to your senior partners. This allows your prospective clients to see who it is that they will be working with and helps to establish your accountancy firm as a credible company.
  3. Request a quote form Rather than just having your contact details available, you could also ask your web designer to create you an online quote form to generate more leads for your company. This gives you the ability to ask the right questions to get the information you need from prospective clients to be able to give them a quote. Try not to overcomplicate this form with unnecessary questions, stick to asking just what you initially need to know.
  4. Contact Page Although it is great to have a quote form on your site to generate more leads it is also extremely important to have a contact page with your firm’s details. This should be easy to find and should contain a contact telephone number, fax number, postal address and email address for your company.

For more information on the website design services we offer to accountants or accountancy firms, please call us on 07790 777 488, or you can email us on contact@hatchitdesign.com. I’ll be more than happy to assist you further.

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