Top Tools Every Business Should Use

Ben GidneyAdvice & Tips

Using tools for your business makes the job easier and quicker, allowing you deliver a cost effective product or service to your customers and therefor be competitive. Our industry is Web Design, but beside all the design and development software we’ve made a list of tools we use that we think every business can benefit from.

Please note: We do not have any affiliation with any of the tools we recommend!

Time Tracking

Time TrackingIf you’re in the service industry, you’ll know that time is an extremely important factor for delivering your service to your customer within the quoted price. We use Harvest to track all of our time, from meetings, to design and development and everything in between. This helps us quote better and gives a great insight into where all of our time is going!

Online Accounting

This is such a must have tool that we assume every business has, so much so that we almost forgot to put it on the list! We mainly use Xero for sending invoices, reconciling accounts and profit and loss reports. It’s good to regularly check these reports, and looking back at previous reports gives you an idea of your business should be performing month on month.

Project Management

Project ManagementWhen you’re communicating with and sending information to your clients and your team about a project via phone, email, text, messenger, social media and other forms things can start to get messy. There are some great online tools out there for keeping everything all in one place. We use Basecamp for our projects, which gives us a platform to store every file, note and document in one place. We can assign to do lists to our team and set a due date for completing them. We don’t have to search through hundreds of emails to find that document that our client sent us on so and so date!

Google Apps

We’re in love with Google Apps, it’s firmly replaced Microsoft Office for us. We regularly need to create a document to take notes, enter some data into a spreadsheet, share a specification with a client, send a report and Google Apps allows us to do this quickly and easily. What’s more, the docs are created in the cloud so we’re not using up precious hard drive space!

On another note, if your business is in need of a website or marketing please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help!