Top Tips for Restaurant Web Design

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Is your restaurant in need of a gorgeous, stylish new website? It is all too common to feel like your site is stuck in the dark ages, in need of a revamp to be brought into the 21st century.

Below I have outlined some hints and tips for Restaurant Web Design to help you to get the most from your website:

  • Start thinking like your audience The best place to start when thinking of the design for your website it to start thinking as if you were in the shoes of your target audience. What will they be looking for from your site? What information will they need to see? What features will they benefit from?
  • Include your menu The food menu is a vital piece of information for any restaurant and your customers will want to be able to view it on your website to get an idea of which dishes they want to order and how much they cost. The most user friendly way of doing this is to have your menu integrated into the design of your website. When given its own page customers will be able to easily find it on your site and browse through quite easily finding all the information required.
  • Contact Page It is imperative for your website to contain your restaurants contact details, opening hours and location. This is all important information that your customers will need to know to visit your restaurant.
  • Online Booking Form Most restaurants find it far quicker and easier for both themselves and their clientele if their customers are able to book a table online. The process for this feature should be kept quick and simple and only take them a few clicks to complete.

The key to good Pub Web Design is to keep your site engaging for your audience which will help encourage them to want to visit your pub and also keep them coming back to your website again and again.

So if you feel that your restaurant is in need of a new or updated website then please contact me today on 0208 466 8160 or 07790 777 488 and I will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. If you prefer, you can also email me directly at

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