Tidy Garden

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I love Summer, and I love gardens. And obviously, the two go hand in hand. But what I don’t like is when my garden gets messy. I find it’s enough of a struggle keeping the house tidy let alone my outside space, so I’ve searched the web to find a few handy tips on keeping the garden healthy and tidy.

  • Out with the old Take a look at your garden’s borders, if you spot any dead plants dig them up and throw them away. Dead plants are only going to stop new plants from growing, and they don’t look great either!
  • Trim Look out for those shrubs that are growing out of control. They tend to take other plant’s sunlight and make your garden feel smaller. Get trimming!
  • Weeding Nobody likes a weed. And you need to keep on top of removing them otherwise they will get out of control and kill your nicer plants. Get hold of some weed killer to help you here, but always read the instructions!
  • Look after your lawn Keep your lawn clear of dead leaves and other debre by giving it a thorough rake regularly. Although be careful not to actually damage your grass in the process. For the patchy areas, loosen the soil and sprinkle over some good quality grass seed.

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