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As with most things in life, working as a freelance web designer doesn’t come without its disadvantages. However, listed below are some of the perks I have found have come from going it alone over the last few years:

  • Being able to work when I want to I am able to choose what hours I work and how many hours I put in for overtime.
  • Work from home I can choose where I work without being confined to the same office for 9 hours a day. I can work at home, a local coffee shop or even hire some local office space as and when I need it.
  • Choose the right projects When I am asked to do a website I can make the decision for myself as to whether I have enough time and the right skills to complete the project to the best of my ability. If for any reason I don’t, then I don’t have to take the job on and can avoid getting an unhappy customer.
  • My passion has become my work I would say I am one of the few lucky people who enjoy what they do as a living. My passion for technology mixed with my desire for being creative on a daily basis led me to doing web design.

Why not check out my portfolio to see my recent projects?

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