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It is important for you to choose a respectable freelance web designer to build your website so he can include all the necessary aspects to help make sure it functions well and looks pleasing.

Having a smart, well designed website will promote your businesses professionalism and contemporary position.

I feel there are a few factors which contribute to a well designed website. One of the first ones being a site that is easy to navigate. Visitors to your site want to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, in as few clicks as possible. Don�t try to overcomplicate things, simplicity is the key.

Remember to make sure your website does exactly what you need it to do. If the point of your website is to provide your clients with information then make sure that this information is accessible and clearly displayed. If you are using your website to generate leads for new quotes then make sure you have a simple quote request form for potential customers to fill in.

Last but not least you need your site to be aesthetically pleasing for your customers. Carefully consider the layout, colours and use of professional imagery you use for a professional and charming looking website. Remember to follow a specific theme to avoid mismatching, all over the place design.

If you would like an informal chat to discuss the needs of your website please do not hesitate to contact me today on 07790777488

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