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It’s a source of many a debate in my family, but I think Sundays are one of the best days in the week. Or at least in the top 2.

OK, so it’s the last day of the weekend which results in the realisation that in less than 24 hours you will be on that packed train at 5am again. But there is still so much to love about Sundays.

In fact, I’ve thought of 3 reasons why Sundays are in my top 2 days of the week.

    • Roast Dinners Yes without doubt the meal that everyone looks forward to in the week. Roast Chicken, Beef or Lamb accompanies with 15 different types of veg. Everyone has their take on a perfect Roast ‘just how Mum made it’. And it’s about as English as fish and chips by the sea.
    • Family In our house, the family always got together round the big table. And the madness would commence: the toddler tantrums, the arguments over Mum’s (probably made-up) multiple point word in scrabble, the stroppy teenagers…but you wouldn’t swap it for anything. Sunday equals family time, and everything that comes with it!


    Why is it that someone always ends up suggesting to go for a long walk on a Sunday? Rain or shine, wind or snow. You’ll always find your self pulling your wellies on and braving the weather just for that Sunday walk.

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