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As a Freelance Web Designer Kent based I have the bonus of working anywhere. Well, anywhere with a plug socket and a decent Wifi connection. Oh, and it would help if there was some sort of coffee machine near by. Anyway, the point is I’m not bound to a desk in a hot, sweaty office with no air conditioning. I can work at home with the garden door open, or perhaps outside a coffee shop.

No, I’m not writing to brag about it. More to make a note somewhere that I do enjoy and appreciate what I do, and I probably don’t think about it enough. It can be stressful running a business, being self employed, paying tax, expenses and so on. And it’s easy to forget why I chose to do what I do, and why I keep on doing it when I’m having a particularly bad day – for whatever reason.

So here is a personal note to myself; whenever times get hard, remember why you chose Web Design. And smile!

Because as they say ‘You only miss the water when the river runs dry’. Or something like that?

Now, back to the important issue: Coffee or Frappe?

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