Redesigning Your Website? Stop and Read These 5 Tips First!

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Thinking about a redesign? Don’t even think about starting without reading our 5 (and one bonus) tips to that perfect new site!

What’s the point?

Website Redesign TipsBefore setting ‘pen to paper’ ask yourself these questions; why do I want to redesign my website? What am I hoping to change? What are the goals for this project? Making a list of your motivations for the redesign is so important for two reasons:

  • Firstly, it helps you keep focus on why you’re doing it so that every smaller decision during the process can be challenged against your reasons for the rebuild.
  • And secondly, goals give you something to measure by when you’ve launched your sparkling new site.

Good, bad and ugly

With your goals and your ‘why’ in mind have a think about what makes your current site good and what makes it bad, this will enable you to start visualising the end result. You might not like a thing about your current site, but it’s worth having a think about it before you start from a blank canvas. For example, if your customers love your gallery why change it?

Tips for redesigning your websiteWhat are you visitors saying?

Look at your website visitor analytics (the data that tells you how your visitors are engaging with your site). The important things to find out is where your visitors are ‘dropping off’ (that is, what page they are on when they leave your site) and what pages are more successful. For example, if it’s your Services page you’ll need to focus on making this more engaging to reduce the amount of visitors leaving.

Must haves

These days, there are a few things your website needs to be successful:

  • Blog – keep you customers up to date with your latest company news, information about your services and helpful advice. It also tells the search engines that your site is active which helps with SEO!
  • Meta Data – tell the search engines what your website is about with this snippets of code. Don’t even think about being found in search results without them!
  • Landing pages – your website needs a unique landing page for each service your provide. Make sure this page has a good quantity (and quality) content, your contact details and relevant images.

Don’t 404 me!

When redesigning your website, your page names (and therefor page links) may change. For example, the page previously found at /about-us may now be /about. You need to tell the search engines about your page name change by using a ‘301 redirect’. If you don’t, the page will be marked as ‘not found’ which is detrimental to your SEO campaign and annoying for your visitors!

Bonus tip: get a professional in!

Why not get in touch with us to discuss your website redesign? We can make sure your new site is goal-focused, engaging and search engine friendly!