Looking for a Quote?

Ben GidneyUncategorized

As a Freelance Web Designer, I obviously need to give quotes on a regular basis. I need to collect as much information as possible, calculate how long it would take me to complete the project, then give a quote based on what I have worked out.

Sounds easy, but I speak to different people every day who’s projects are at different stages. This means they might not have all the information ready at the time of contact. So, what information do I need to know to give an accurate quote?

  • What is your budget? I find prospective clients don’t like putting a price on the project, rather they are getting quotes first to gauge costs. I prefer to know their budget so I can prepare a proposal which fits it. A Proposal is the link between the client’s budget and what I can deliver.
  • Logo Design? Again,  it’s a mixed bag. The client may already have a logo, or need there’s modernising, or perhaps don’t really mind just text. Either way, this affects the quote too.
  • Do you have a deadline? I can be pretty flexible when it comes to deadlines. Some clients are eager to get their site live in a number of days, some prefer to take their time. It’s handy to know before starting the urgency of the project.
  • How many pages? Is your website a simple 3-page brochure? Is it a huge 30 page information-rich site? This obviously affects the project time which in turn affects the quote.
  • Example Websites This is so important. After all, website design is a visual process and supplying links to example websites is key to knowing what the client expects visually and in terms of functionality and features.
  • Do you require Hosting & Domain? Your website files and database needs to be hosted on a Server. The domain name is the address your visitors will visit to see your website (e.g. www.example.com) Hatchit offer Professional Managed Hosting, and in some cases we include a free period and domain name with our web design packages.
  • Can you supply all required resources? This includes text content and images. In some cases, we will supply a number of free images from our library. We also offer a content writing service from a Professional Copywriter.

There you have it! If you can answer all of the above you are guaranteed to get the most accurate quote! Click here to get in touch for a quote.