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Accomplishing good website design Bromley means I need to have the skills to build the template of the sites but also the creativity to then make them engaging and appealing to their target audience.

I love my job and have always had a passion for what I do, but this doesn’t mean that every now and then I don’t collide with that metaphorical brick wall and get stuck for ideas. This is when I need to start thinking outside the box and looking around me for some inspiration.

The first most obvious place to look is on the internet. Spending half an hour just browsing online, looking at similar websites to the one you have been assigned to build, can help to see what layouts and colours do and don’t work.

Failing this offering any valuable help, the next step is to try a bit further afield. This is when I may need to pack up my bag and get out of the house for a bit. Going for a short walk or up to the local coffee shop can greatly help to refresh the mind and allow me to have a break from a project so I can go back to it an hour later with a new outlook and a different perspective.

Inspiration, I have found, can come from anywhere and everywhere. Just by simply looking around, you are able to get help with which colours work well together, which shapes can create a superb layout and which images can be used to portray the message of a project.

So if I have learnt one thing, it is that in a job that means my time has to be so organised, it is sometimes very beneficial to take a step back for half an hour to refresh my mind and help to get the stream of creativity flowing again.

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