Convert visitors into customers: 5 Quick Tips

Ben GidneyUncategorized

Your website may be getting a good level of visitor traffic, but when it comes to a visitor landing on your page are they jumping straight back off or picking up the phone? We’ve listed 5 quick tips you can use for turning more of those visitors into customers!

  • Enlarge your contact details
    Your telephone number should be clearly visible at the top of your website at all times. It should be in a contrasting colour to the rest of your website to make it stand out.
  • Get rid of your sliders
    Banner sliders, scrolling testimonials and the like are a proven distraction and effect your conversion rate, studies have shown. Can you get your message across in one banner without the need for animation?
  • Display your testimonials
    A great way to increase trust in your brand and entice the visitor into picking up the phone is by displaying real life testimonials from your real life customers. Use a picture of said customer if possible. You’ll want to avoid your testimonial that looking fake as this has the opposite effect!
  • Help visitors take action
    Each page on your site should have a clear goal and purpose of what you want your visitors to do. ‘Call us now’, or ‘Get a quote’ with buttons or contact details displayed clearly.
  • Reduce unnecessary links
    Too many links are distracting and cause ‘decision-paralysis’ resulting in the visitor leaving your page. Ask yourself, do you need a menu with 15 links in your sidebar?

This is the tip of the ice burg in terms of what can be done to really increase those sales from your website. Speak to us about turning your site into a conversion-creator!