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Working as a freelance web designer Kent means the majority of my working week is spent working at home. To break the mundane cycle and get out of the house for a change of routine, I have taken to using my local coffee shops as a temporary office for the odd afternoon here and there.

I tend to go to independent coffee shops where I can get a large milky latte and a slab of rich chocolate fudge cake served by friendly, happy-to-help staff that are more than happy for me to sit on my laptop and work for a few hours.

As well as getting me out of the house, going to work in a coffee shop helps me to meet new people. Rather than feeling locked away from the world, it gets me out into the hustle and bustle of city life and allows me to talk to different people and do some networking. It’s surprising the amount of different people you can meet just from sitting in a coffee shop for an afternoon, and you can get talking to a multitude of different people who can offer you new ideas and different perspectives on things you may be stuck on.

A change of scene can wake up the brain and get them creative juices flowing again. If I find I’ve been staring at the same problem for over an hour, not getting anywhere with it, the best thing to do is to pack up my laptop and take myself off to the coffee shop. The changes in environment helps to have a fresh new look on something and can help you to get over that mind block that has been bugging you all morning!

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