Cafe Wifi

Ben GidneyUncategorized

As a Freelance Web Designer, I spend most of my life in Cafes in and around Bromley, and Wifi connection is a must! I must say I do enjoy being out and about, and experiencing the bustle of the world around me. I like a little background noise when I work.

Every now and again, I  make the 10 minute walk to a Cafe, que up for a few minutes, order my coffee, wait for it to be made, sort my sugar out, find a seat  near a mains plug, set up my laptop, mouse and charger, fire up the laptop, connect to their Wifi…only to get that dreaded message: ‘Connection Problems’.

And because I am a nice guy, I have to sit there and find something to do whilst I finish my coffee and ponder where to go next for an actual internet connection so I can work! I guess anyone else may actually complain and reason that the only reason they bought a coffee was to use the internet.

OK, rant over! I can’t wait until the government roll out Wifi across the UK. Although if it’s anything like the rest of the promises the MPs make, we’ll probably end up with that dreaded message: ‘Connection Problems’.

If you are in need of a Web Designer (and I have a good Wifi connection) please get in touch!