Bromley Affordable Website Designer

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How is the search for finding an affordable website designer in Bromley going? Not well? It can be quite difficult looking for talented, reliable and affordable website designers across Bromley. Here’s 3 quick tips to help you find the best website designer in Bromley:

  • Check out their Portfolio. Do you like their design style? Have they created a website similar to what you require?
  • Could you work with them? Are they personal, friendly, professional? Designing a website is a collaborative process, making sure you work well together will make things so much easier.
  • What should you expect? What exactly are you getting with the service? Are you able to view drafts of the website before it’s published? Will they be Hosting the website on their server? How long does the process take? You need to ask as many questions as possible before signing on the dotted so you know exactly what to expect, to save confusion later on.

A little bit about me

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a creative mind set. I’ve been able to apply that willingness to be creative, and have designed many websites for clients across the globe.

It all first began back when I was thirteen years of age. I had patiently learnt all of what I needed to know to build my very own website. Once I had learnt the basics, I created a website and from this moment I knew that I wanted to do this for a job. I then polished up on my skills by learning from the experienced creative people around me and implemented their advice into my work ethic. Soon after, I founded Hatchit Design.

Hatchit Design have worked with a number of clients and have created a range of websites that are well suited to their professional industry. This experience means that Hatchit Design can work with any company out there who require a new website or an improved website. Hatchit Design not only offer web designs & development but they also can support you with logo design & branding and online marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).