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My partner recently gave birth to our son and I couldn’t be happier. In spite of the sleepless nights, loud crying and dirty nappies I love babies. Well, my own babies that is. They just fascinate me. Here’s some really interesting things you may or may not know about these little creatures!

  • Babies hearing is so sophisticated that they can tell where a noise is coming from almost straight after birth.
  • Babies are born knowing how to smile. Scientists know this because blind babies also smile, so they are not copying.
  • Psycologists discovered a babies as young as two days old can recognise their mother’s voice from just one syllable on a recording.
  • A baby who is feeling cold will move around more to warm itself up. When it is warm it will lay spread out.
  • If a baby continued growing at the rate it does by year one, when it’s an adult it would be as tall as Nelson’s column!

Amazing! And you thought they just eat and slept!

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