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These days, nearly every business has a website. And every business that doesn’t have a website will soon find out they need one! Ignoring the opportunities of selling on the web is like closing your shop on Wednesdays, you’d be missing out on a proportion of the trade – and your competitor’s would be reaping the benefits!

So, we’ve established having a website is essential for your business. But how much does it cost? Searching Affordable Web Design Bromley will bring up a large amount of results. Hundreds of thousands of web designers all competing for your business. Banners that read ‘website for £99’ or even ‘Create a free website’. Quotes ranging from £99 up to £20k! So who do you contact? How much does it really cost?

Well, it really depends on your business budget. Be realistic, are you going to get a good website designed for a measly £99? Or £300, or even £500? What are your competitors doing? How do their websites look?

My advice from a Freelance Web Designer’s point of view would be to check the following:

  • Budget Work out your budget for web design, your designer may be able to tailor a package to fit your requirements within this amount.
  • Competition Check what your competitors are doing. What are they doing right, and what are they doing wrong? Aim to create something better than them!
  • Portfolio Make sure your designer can deliver what you need. Take a look at his/her portfolio for similar websites.
  • Proposals & Contracts Get your designer to write you a proposal and a contract. You need to know what they are delivering for your fee.
  • Marketing Have a think about how to market your website. Your designer may know about Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation, or be able to recommend you to someone who does!

To find out more about my web design and marketing services you can contact me directly via email on or call 0208 466 8160. I look forward to hearing from you.

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