5 Tips When Searching For ‘Web Design Croydon’

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It’s not easy picking a web designer for your project. There are so many web designers in Croydon and beyond, how can you ensure you will choose the perfect one for your project? Well, here’s 5 handy tips to help you in the right direction:

  1. Do you like their portfolio? This is a very important point. It could be that you have seen a project in their portfolio which matches your company or what you are trying to achieve. This would be a perfect scenario. But if you don’t see anything you like in their portfolio, it seems silly to hire them to design your website if theyir design style is not what you want.
  2. What do they do? If you are looking for a website designer, it’s quite likely you will want them to host your website too. And if they have built your website you will want to carry out some Search Engine Optimisation to increase the number of visitors to your website. Do they offer all of these services? It’s always better to keep everything in-house when it comes to your website and online presence.
  3. Do they have Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages? If they do, what are they posting? Do they have ‘likes’ and ‘followers’? Do they have positive comments and reviews? You are potentially going to be working closely with this company who you will be entrusting to design your company website, it’s important you find out who they are, what their audience thinks of them and how active they are. Alarm bells should ring if they don’t have any social pages. All website design companies must know the importance of these in the digital age, and how can you expect them to do the best for you if they are not up to date?
  4. Does their website have an ‘About’ page? It’s a must! As mentioned above, you are potentially going to be working closely with this company so you’ll want to know what they are like. Are they the kind of people you want to work with? How long has the company been established? How many people are in the team? You’ll want to find out everything you can about a web designer before hiring them for your project.
  5. Where are they based? Even if you do not intend to meet up with the designer before you start the project, it’s good to know where they are located – just in case. What if you need to visit their office for some reason? Perhaps to talk through the latest design or receive training on the website system? What if you can’t get hold of them? Worse still, what if they disappear half way through your project? It’s not what you would like to think would happen, but it does happen and you need to be prepared.

So there you have it, 5 quick tips for finding a website designer in Croydon (or anywhere else for that matter!).

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