4 Stages of Web Design

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When I embark on an exciting new Web Design & Development project, there is usually 4 main stages I follow which ensures the best quality.

  • Planning A fantastic website always starts with a detailed plan. In this first stage I like discuss topics such as the Goals & Objectives of the design, Competitor Analysis, the Target Audience, which pages are needed and what the website needs to do etc. The client and I take a look at other websites for ideas on both design and features.
  • Design A Wireframe design of the Home page is sometimes drawn up first to give an idea of the features and layout of the new website. This is usually a low quality concept with little or no colour made up of shapes. It’s a great way to agree on the layout of the elements on the home page before diving into the more advanced graphics which take longer to produce. Once the layout is agreed upon, I then convert the shapes into high quality graphics / web elements and add images and content. The first concept is then fine tuned with the client until perfect. If requested, a sub page design is produced which follows a standard Header, Content, Sidebar, Footer layout.
  • Development Once the design is signed off by the client I head to the development stage. I develop a custom, hand-coded WordPress theme from scratch creating a live replica of the agreed design. A development link is sent to the client to check progress and give feedback. All pages and content is created and the final small changes are made.
  • Testing & Launch I then carry out testing of the website on various browsers and devices with different sized screens. Once both the client and I are happy we launch the website. The log in details for the website are sent to the client which allow them to update their content at their convenience.

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